JLL Turkey - COO / CFO

Thanks to our cooperation with Actifit, for us the marathon is no longer just about running that day. We have made this a complete better living experience. We are trying to support this process with training sessions, living well and nutrition seminars that started 3-4 months ago. As a result, the marathon is not just a Sunday activity for us; it is the essence for living better.

Rocha Turkey - Corporate Communications Specialist

On busy work days, employees often do not find opportunities to come together. Through our work with Actifit, employees from different departments had the opportunity to become better acquainted with each other and move together with the spirit of teamwork.

Allianz Worldwide Partners - Corporate Communications Specialist

There is now a separate brand within our company. This brand launched a trend towards healthy living and sports. With the programme we named AGAFit , there is a different sense of belonging. We created an internal brand that strengthens the company's own brand and helped our company show the value it gave to its employees with Actifit’s support.

HDI Insurance - Human Resources

The Girls on the Field football tournament organized by Actifit has enabled our woman employees from very different positions to come together under the same roof. Our female employees showed the whole company "how to be a team”, not only at the games and the practices but at every opportunity.