To be the catalyst in business to create a world of individuals who care about each other as they improve themselves



Spiritual - Intellectual - Finance - Career - Emotional - Physical - Social circle

We also use this assessment tool, often used at the beginning of the coaching process. This is the first step of all our projects as Actifit. We believe that people are not happy only when they sleep well or when they are able to manage their debts. We believe that human happiness is very layered and complex. We create projects that reveal where slip-ups happen in your wheel of life and we create measurable values in the lives of your employees. This is not only about a service, but about projects that can become customized to your needs, that are sustainable and that can later serve as benchmarks to create real change.

We believe that sustainability is key in producing real change. We thus formulate all our projects to transform the company’s culture over long periods of time.

We take investment return as a our guiding principle. We begin all our projects by setting goals and we achieve these goals.

We are aware of the responsibility that comes with constructing a very fun task within corporate structures. We combine an overwhelming meticulousness that you could only find at organization firms with the creative energy often associated with advertising agencies, producing a unique set of values.

Don’t just listen to us. Hear about it from our clients:

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