To be the catalyst in business to create a world of individuals who care about each other as they improve themselves




We have a long list of reasons why it is both profitable and efficient for you, as the Human Resources or Corporate Commmunications Department at your firm, should adapt a policy of corporate wellness. Below, we are listing the most important reasons that the clients we have thus far served in Turkey have chosen corporate wellness:

Because the Y generation wants more than just work

The experiences of Actifit, founded and ran by the Y-generation, reveal that this generation cares about creating value, becoming part of a larger vision, taking on responsibility, to be cared for, to inspire, and to be visible. All the corporate wellness projects that Actifit offers include aspects that appeal to the Y-generation. Ranging from charity runs to balanced nutrition projects, internal communication teams to project leaders, our content serves these needs.

Because the key to success is not only to work but also to be aware

In today’s world, innovation does not only emerge from working, but also from being aware. It is not possible to thrive in environments that are not introspective, self-critical, self-renewing. The main goal of Actifit projects is to help individuals pay attention to themselves and to raise the level of their awareness.

Because a person who lives well works well

The Gallup 2015 survey shows that workers who live well are two to three times more committed to their jobs. These employees think that they perform 30% better at work, and the reports show that the rates of not coming to work are 70% lower compared to that of other employees.

Because acting together with a shared goal strengthens the team spirit

Teamwork trainings can bring you closer to each other. Training and sweating together for weeks, setting a goal to lose weight, working with a coach to self-improve, and keeping track of each other during the process with your manager from a higher level as a buddy creates miracles in the dynamics of the team because it is done outside of the umbrella of “training.”

Because it is one of the most creative and exciting ways to differentiate your working brand

It is no longer possible to make a difference to a bright executive candidate who graduated at the top of their class, and who already has more than one offer by just extending private health insurance to them. You will clearly make a difference when you say to these candidates, “We not only care about our team’s performance; we also care that they live well. In a project that we did last year, we lost 376 kilos and we started eating celery even at board meetings!” The most cost-efficient investment is corporate wellness.

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